The New York Jets have played in four different stadiums since 1960. The Jets, then known as the Titans, played their first three seasons at the Polo Grounds. In 1964 the Jets began playing home games in Shea Stadium. The stadium featured Kentucky bluegrass and had a capacity of 60,372 for football games. Although this was the Jets home field, it was not their stadium. From 1964 to 1983, the Jets were forced to agree to terms set by the New York Mets. For instance, the Jets were not allowed to play home games until the Mets season was over. The terms were costing the Jets money and this contributed to their move into Giants Stadium in 1984. Although the Jets are called the “New York” Jets, Giants Stadium is actually in New Jersey. The Jets played home games in Giants Stadium until 2010 when the stadium was demolished. Giants Stadium opened in 1976 with AstroTurf, which was thought to be the future playing surface of the NFL. The turf was replaced by grass in 2000, and in 2003 the stadium switched to field turf. A popular myth of the stadium says that the body of Jimmy Hoffa is buried under the stadium.

In 2011, both the Jets and the Giants opened MetLife Stadium. The Jets and Giants have a 50/50 partnership meaning that the Jets finally have equal say in all stadium issues. MetLife Stadium, named by MetLife Insurance, is the most expensive NFL stadium ever built at the price tag of $1.6 billion. MetLife Stadium will host Super Bowl 48 in 2014. The Jets won six of their eight victories at home in 2011.