Mascot and Cheerleaders

The New York Jets do not have an official mascot, however, super fan Fireman Ed is always leading the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS cheer in the stands to keep fans pumped up.

The Jets did not have cheerleaders until 2006. The cheer squad of the New York Jets was known as the Jets Flag Crew for just one season. In 2007 the cheerleaders were renamed the Flight Crew. The Flight Crew has continued to grow since. The first Flight Crew featured just 10 members, but in 2011 the team had grown to 40. Heading into the 2012 season the Flight Crew will add a new “dance” to their routine. The dance is "Tebowing" in honor of their new backup quarterback. The dance consists of dropping to one knee and giving the appearance of praying. In 2010 the Jets established the Jets Junior Flight Crew for girls.